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Garden Grapevine,
I received the soil sifter on Friday.  it was worth the the wait. 
It is so good looking I was reluctant to use it,
but it works as good as it looks.
Mary Brennan,

We have been over run with ants, and as we are new gardeners we just looked for an answer on the Internet and low and behold we found you.
It was like winning the Lottery. Thank you .

We have bookmarked your site into "favourites" and I am sure will return
many times to see your brilliant site.

PS. Just loved your sign off "Health and Happiness" as this is what we have
always wished people, especially when giving a Toast at a Wedding etc.

PPS. Please keep up the good work and the spreading of fun that you do.
Regards Gwennie.


I was totally DUMBFOUNDED !
thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU !!!

For several years, I have been visiting your site for great gardening information. I'm always delighted with your tips and tricks.

Well last week I ordered Black Walnuts to help pay for your web site.
You could have pushed me over with a feather,
when they were delivered to my door within an hour!

I had no idea that you were just up the street from my house .
AND thanks for converting the S & H to more Black Walnuts :)
I tell everybody I meet. I'm so tickled.
And the Walnuts are Super.

Your happy customer,

P.S. - I'll see that you get Black Walnut Cookies.

What a wonderfully informative and friendly website.
Many thanks from here in North Wales, UK

Sharon Paterson-Jones 

I want to thank you for the awesome information and pictures
of the Tomato Horn Worm (my Dad called it a Cutter Worm).
Another teacher had a student bring one in. 

I had never seen the larva on the ones I had in my garden and just had to find out what the "white things were".  The kids loved it,
and it was a great teaching moment for our science lesson today.

Thanks again.
Martinsburg, WV 

I happened across you by accident.
You have the finest web page I ever looked at.
Fantastic wealth of facts for the out doors man.
I can't wait to try the Amish bread.
Plenty of good info!

Oh I must add, I did buy a big bottle of two stroke oil last fall,
saved the tiny little bottles from two stroke oil, measured out 50/1 mix last week, and filled up six tiny plastic bottles! Quart is so much cheaper than buying a six pack of two stroke oil. God bless you.

Kurt E.
Bethlehem, PA.


Thank you for such an informative page. 
We have had great success in growing tomatoes this year and we wanted to add to that success, but using our own seeds for the next crop. 
You directions were most helpful.

Robert Coleman

Thank you, Grapevine
this is a wonderful site.

from Massachusetts

 Your photographs are amazing.  I am a Master Gardener of Cornell
Cooperative Extension in Monroe Co. in New York State.

As a service to the community, Master Gardeners provide speakers to
various community groups. The organization pays a nominal fee and the
speaker receives volunteer hours credit. I have committed to a Butterfly
Gardening talk and I want to include the life cycle of the butterfly in
the talk, as well as nectar/larval food and habitat conditions.

The more people who become aware of the role they can play in conserving these winged beauties, the better the chance for their survival.

I stumbled onto your web site looking for Toad Houses. We have several living under the front step. My 2 young sons and I have built several Brick houses in the flower beds, and now have Toads everywhere. My Mother has used your Tent Caterpillar removal advice several times.
Great Website!

Mike Bruett
Northern Ill.

Thank you for all the information.  I enjoyed your gardening page very much!
 I was trying to find out what Tallow is and I found it here along with many ideas for using it!  My grandson and I are going to try some of your suggestions for feeding the birds!


Good website! 
  John Monroe


 I found your website while looking up wipper-wills one night.
I'm not sure how I got to it, but I am glad I did. I love the site.


Just wanted to say thanks for the page on the Sweet Shrub. It's one of my favorites. My grandmother had one in her yard and I have so many fond memories of holding the fragrant blossoms in my hand till they were warm so I could enjoy the scent. She and all of her family called it a "Bulbie Bush"  :)

Best Wishes,

Thanks for the great ideas!!! 
I consider myself very much an enthusiastic planner, but a novice gardener.
I'm getting ready to build a garden this spring.
I'll send some pictures as it progresses. 
Wish me luck, 

Terry, From Northern Indiana.

Your website is very informative and a pleasure to visit.

Ronald Wilfinger

  Aside from loving your items, I love your website . . . It's gorgeous!

  Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for putting this out there where people can find it. Your ideas are wonderful and they really work. 

Thanks again,

Hi GardenGrapevine,

I recently moved to a more remote location, and am seeing and hearing birds I have never seen or heard before.  One being the Whipperwill.  We have at least one pair close to my house.

I went looking for a picture of this bird and happened upon your site. Loved it, so I bookmarked it for future reference. 

Thank you,

Hi GardenGrapevine,

I just love your website.  Thank you so much for making all this information available.  My daughter and I are in the process of turning the family property into an arboretum.  She is doing most of the planting work, as my wife is totally disabled (MS) and I'm a handicapped veteran (albeit walking). 
Anyway, I used to be an assistant scout master and have contacted the local District Scouting HQ's to see if they would like to get involved. (There are several Eagle Scout projects in all this plus many merit badges.)  Your website is providing me with some much needed technical information in many areas. 

Thank you!


What a great web site. 
Informative and interesting.
I have Bookmarked it!!! 

Shirley M.


Hi Garden Grapevine,

This site is really awesome! I am also interested in the whip-poor-wills.
I saved a picture of one from your site. If you know of any one that has the information on the birds I would definitely appreciate the information.
I was just browsing the net and ended up on your site.

Good Luck and God bless,
Grace D.


Garden Grapevine,

Thanks for an interesting & informative page! 
Love your garden pics.

Esther & Warren 


Hello Garden Grapevine,

We found your site yesterday while looking for plant labels. 
When we got to your site we found much necessary and good info. 
We had a blast just reading and getting ideas 
that you are so willing to share. 

We are also in the process of attempting to build a greenhouse 
and your idea of using the storm doors really caught our attention. 

Our best to you and yours.

Robert and Glenda


Hi Master Gardeners,

I just found your web page. 
Wow! Master is a under statement.
So much good info on your web pages.
One thing that I have a question on though is the "Home made Ant Killer"

Where do I get the Boric Acid to make the ant killer?

Thank you,


Thanks Garden Grapevine,

I did Not have any luck getting my RED Lord Baltimore Hibiscus to set seed. They made a seed pod but did not grow larger and produce any seeds. Somewhere I read or heard that the Lord Baltimore Hibiscus does not make seeds but you could get seed if you knew how to proprogate them and I did not.  So... I put in a search for Getting Seeds from Lord Baltimore Red Hibiscus and your link came up.

"How to Propagate RED HIBISCUS". AND boy was it Absolutely wonderful, pictures and all. I was really IMPRESSED!  Any IDIOT, not that I am one, but anyone could learn how to do it. (me being a retired disabled school teacher I sure did appreciate how nice you explained how to do this).

IT intrigued me so much that I copied it all, took it outside and did exactly what the directions described and I waited... IT worked on two of the four flowers I did, but probably the first ones did not get enough pollen to saturate the end of the stems. Now I am waiting for the other flowers to bloom so I can do more.

I am tickled that I learned how to do this. It is a shame that it took me to become disabled to have such an interest in all my flowering gardens... that are beautiful I must say.

Thank you again for sharing such wonderful information in such an 
easy way. My hummers, bumble bees and butterflies thank you too! 


P.S. I will use your site often now and share it with all my garden friends.. 
thanks lots.



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
What a great homepage you have on plants. 
I shall email it to all of my friends!

Bev Higgs


Hi Garden Grapevine, 

I just wanted to say that your site is really great, 
you have a lot of helpful information here. 

I'm a member of a MSN gardening group and this will be very useful to us. Thanks a bunch for a wonderful site. Everything is so well laid out, and not filled with a bunch of technical jargon. 

Keep up the great work!
Brad 'n Jan


Garden Grapevine,
I was looking for a picture of a whipperwill to see what they looked like.  This is a very nice site for anyone interested in gardening.

Patricia Raymond


Thanks Garden Grapevine,

I accidentally found your site- and find it very interesting as I have young yews and want to make them into shapes. I'm not a math expert by any means, but your "how to directions" make it seem possible for even me to make simple shapes. Thanks again- glad I found you in cyber space.



Garden Grapevine,
Thank you for a great site.

Leonard williams



I really have enjoyed your site.  You have given me lots of great ideas.  My favorites :  rope lights for gro mats, arbor swing, vinyl siding ideas ( I have a bunch of this right now), using the walmart storage containers for small greenhouses ( have these too, not being used right now). 
You are great.  I hope you have a great gardening season. 

Dee Swartz


Hello GardenGrapevine,

"Just telling you what your site does for my household. I am a "granny many times over" and know schools just can't teach everything.

I print out lots of your articles and when grandchildren visit they look forward to new items we can discuss about gardens, worms, birds, moles or anything that can and often does enter our yard during any of the 4 seasons.

The children just think I am smart but I must confess I owe it all to you! "

Thanks again.
Helen Holtmeyer



"love the idea of losing some weight with the grapefruit diet."




"Really informative site you have! 
Thanks for sharing with us amature gardeners!"

Sonia Merck



"Enjoyed the info on "bad Birds".  A very good web page."

Jerry Cadle


Hi GardenGrapevine !! 

"Wonderful website!!! 
Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas and tips!! 
Please keep up the good work."




"Nice Web Sites You Have.
Best wishes on your non complicated web sites.
Enjoy your tips!"

Walter A. Zeronsky, Lithuanian cabbage grower.

Hi GardenGrapevine,

"I love your site. 
It has given me several good ideas for my husband to use!!!
I am always looking for projects for him. 
We both reap the benefits!! 
I really enjoyed looking at the green house project. 
What a unique idea!!"

"North Carolina project manager" (wife)


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They will be posted here promptly.

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